Monday, May 11, 2009

3 ways to handle cat in stress

Cats are sensitive creature thats can suddenly change without our knowledge. How they tell us they're sick or stress is in their own unique way. As a cat owner we have to learn cat characteristic, cat behaviour and a bit of cats symptom in order to keep us alert of any changes.

On my last post I've decribed how cat can be in stress. Things can make cat in stress are fear, loss of family member, moved house, changing in environment and changing in their schedule.

Obviously cat can have a few symptoms when they're in stress. Common changes are :
Having problem with litterbox
Excessive vocalization
Frequent teritorial behaviour eg spraying

Cats at anytime or in sudden could have these common changes. After you'd detect the changes, maybe you can make schedule go for vet - if involved cat's health. Because health also makes cat in stress.

There are many ways to handle cat in stress. 3 tips are listed as follows :

1- Don't change environment
If you'd planned to do make over or decoration for your house, my suggest is you ca go on with that but, do it step by step. What I mean here is, maybe today you only change for the sofa and after cat seems no problem you can proceed to next step. In other words, don't make it in sudden way! Remeber? cat in stress when there's sudden change in their environment.

2- Give them personal space
Give them personal space at corner of your house. It can be define as their home. The objective is to make a safe retreat for them. You can put toys, bed, scrathing post or any other things. make it a safe haven for them. So, in whatever environment changes in your house cats had a place called haven. A place where they are safe retreat.

3- Put your cat on schedule.
Cats are absolutely happy when their lives revolve around the schedule. They truly a cratures habit. You should play with them, should feed and go to sleep with your cat approximately
at the same time every night. With this schedule, it could influence your cat lives. they will love you. More than you could imagine.

Love your cat , cat will love you back as long as the right trains are in placed.

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